Art of the Supplement Bootcamp

Art of the Supplement Bootcamp

The Art of the Supplement Bootcamp is the ultimate training platform to prepare and set up the correct processes to handle insurance restoration work.

The award-winning Bootcamp covers the most important topics for contractors committed to properly handling insurance restoration projects including:
-Client Preparation
-Project Documentation
-Overhead & Profit
-Communicating with Carriers
-Essential Supplementing Tools
-How To Break Down Insurance Proceeds
& More!

This special course will give you the foundational tools to succeed, and build the ultimate insurance restoration process.

Here's what others have to say about the Bootcamp:

Kayla Buchmeier McGill
"John is very informed and a great resource to keep improving the integrity of supplementing with roofing and other exterior projects. Having an adjusting background and a contractor gives him a unique perspective!"

Justin Ruggiano
"Exceptional class from an incredible leader.
Thank you for educating the next generation of contractors, on how to pursue integrity in all their works. Great class and will send all my employees. Thank you."

Justin Hooton
"If you think you know everything there is to know about supplementing you don’t. I guarantee when you take this class there will be something you learn that you thought you already knew. Complete game changer!!!!!"

Art of the Supplement Bootcamp

6 Videos

  • 1. The Secret Weapon For Supplementing

    The Secret weapon almost every contractor overlooks when they are handling insurance-related projects, which if handled properly, can end up either costing them thousands of dollars per job or recovering thousands of dollars per job.

    Be sure to download the resources we talk about in this sessi...

  • 2. What Contractors Need To Know About Insurance

    Most Contractors have an idea of how insurance works but lack a few basic knowledge pieces that can save them frustration and time in the process.

    This session is the insurance 101 course that every insurance restoration contractor needs. When you can forecast jobs better, you will cut down o...

  • 3. What is Supplementing?

    Supplementing is really something that most contractors have a vague or misconstrued idea of what the task really is. Carriers have made it seem like such a negative part of the process, but in reality, the complete opposite is true.

    Learn what this process truly means and how you should be d...

  • 4. Tools To Help You Gather the RIGHT Data

    Gathering data during your projects is completely different for insurance restoration projects, than what contractors do for retail projects. In all reality, your success in supplementing is directly correlated by how well you gather and distribute data of your projects.

    Check out these tools...

  • 5. Effective Communication With Contractors

    One of the most important parts of supplementing is learning how to communicate to carriers in a way that they can understand.

    Contractors and carriers live in 2 different worlds, and as a contractor, we sometimes need to adjust our mindset and forms of communication to help the process move a...

  • 6. Bootcamp Resources

    I hope you enjoyed today's bootcamp, if you'd like to get a copy of all of the resources from this video series, simply scan the QR code on the video or go to:

    I hope you have enjoyed this series and that you have the resources you ne...

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