American Contractor Storm Summit

American Contractor Storm Summit

The AC Storm Summit brought to you the best Storm Restoration experts and contractors to help you, dominate this year's storm season.

If you are a contractor and you help rebuild structures after wind, hail, hurricane, or derecho storms, then this conference is for you!

Featured speakers include:

- Nathan Tebedo
- John Dye
- Troy Clymer
- Ryan Holliday
- Doug Quinn
- Phil Sanov
- Matt Danskin
- Sam Taggart
- Pate Smith
- Dustan Biegler
- Derik Kline
- TJ Ware
- Mathew Mulholland
- Remington Huggins
- Olivia Antognoli
- Chuck Thokey

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American Contractor Storm Summit
  • Developing a Hero Sales Culture - Nathan Tebedo

    Nathan Tebedo kicks off the Storm Summit by discussing the importance of developing a hero sales culture in your business, and how to develop that culture!

    About Nathan: Nathan Tebedo ( Coach T ) is a fan favorite. If you’re wondering, “ why does that guy work at Contractor Coach Pro?”, it’s be...

  • The Adjusters Viewpoint - John Dye

    John Dye joins us for this Storm Summit to discuss his experiences as an adjuster and what you need to be doing as a contractor to help adjusters help you.

    Understanding the mindset of the other side is vital to your success!

    About John - John Dye is the Director of Marketing and a Partner...

  • Speed Up Your Cash Flow - Ryan Holliday & iink

    Ryan and Troy discuss the importance of cashflow for your business. They offer some ways to help you speed this process up.

    Cash flow is so important to your success and with the current market conditions is more important now than ever. Thankfull new products like iink are emerging to help ...

  • Improve Your Claims, But First Improve You - Phil Sanov

    Phil Sanov is among the nation's top First Party Claim attorneys, but more than that, Phil is one of the most motivational people in the industry.

    He provided some amazing claim insight, but also some great personal development and shared his personal story.

    Always remember, YOU ARE A BADAS...

  • Fighting Carrier Fraud - Doug Quinn

    Doug Quinn has devoted his life to fighting carrier fraud. While most people talk about homeowners and contractors committing insurance fraud, there is a whole other side to the fraud. It comes from the carriers, engineers and other unscrupulous parties.

    The American Policyholder Association...

  • How To Build Your Own Referral System - Matt Danskin

    Matt Danskin has taken the subject of referrals and mastered the systematic referral system. Building this into your business is paramount to your success as well as your ability to scale.

    Imagine getting referrals from agents, realtors, and other sources, Matt teaches you how to do it!


  • The Achievement Framework - Sam Taggart

    Sam dives into what it takes to achieve success in sales, business, or just general life!

    Your mindset is crucial and Sam shares some hacks that can help you build that framework in your life.

    About Sam: Sam knocked doors since he was 11! Never bought into the whole hourly normal job, and us...

  • Your Branding Matters Now More Than Ever - Pate Smith

    You probably know Pate Smith from his Instagram or facebook accounts, and that's on purpose. Pate is a master marketer and it brings him work!

    Are you capitalizing on social media the same way he is? Are potential clients reaching out to you with videos of damage asking you for help?

    They a...

  • What Is Your Objective? - Dustan Biegler

    Dustan is one of the most successful contractors in our industry, and in this session, he talks about the lessons he's had to learn through his journey of success.

    He asks some questions that you need to be asking yourself if you wish to be successful and provides some of the knowledge he wish...

  • Add More SAAS To Your Roofing Company - Derik Kline

    Derik has revolutionized what is possible with weather technology in our industry. If you are a restoration contractor, you know that have accurate weather data is crucial.

    The team at Hailtrace is by far the best at reporting and providing that data to contractors, and Derik talks about his j...

  • You're A Marketing Company First - TJ Ware

    TJ joins us and explains his approach to marketing that is yielding him great results for himself and for Paradise Claims.

    Understanding that in order to grow your business and scale marketing is crucial to your success.

  • Bull*** Carriers Feed You - Mathew Mulholland & Remington Huggins

    You probably know Mathew and Remington from their show, "Listen to this Bull" where he dives into the BS that carriers feed contractors and policyholders.

    Well, they did a full-blown presentation giving contractors and policyholder examples of ways that carriers try to hurt their consumers and...

  • Claim Expert Panel - Olivia Antognoli

    Olivia Antognoli from C3 Group joins us to moderate a Claim Expert Panel, where she asks a group claim experts questions that are relevant to the industry to help open up a discussion with the guests.

    About Olivia: Olivia started her insurance career as a commercial property field adjuster for...

  • Win The Retail Roofing Game - Chuck Thokey

    If you are an Insurance Restoration Contractor, and you only sell based on the claim, you're missing out on an amazing opportunity.

    Being able to actually sell to your customers as if it were retail is what will set your company apart, and change the results you're getting.

    Chuck is the mas...